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The Maryland state chapter of the National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws, strives to educate the public and grow the movement toward marijuana legalization in Maryland. We also seek to help build, support and organize NORML chapters throughout the state in order to effectively communicate with one another to work toward our common goal.

We wish to provide education and resources to empower the citizens of Maryland to work with the Maryland General Assembly and their County Councils, to ensure proper decriminalization, medical, and ultimately LEGALIZATION laws get passed.

2016 will be a big year for cannabis in Maryland.  We're expecting a good number of cannabis bills to be introduced next session, including a bill to fully legalize cannabis.  During the most recent legislative session the General Assembly passed a paraphernalia decriminalization bill only to be vetoed by Governor Hogan. We're hoping to have the veto overturned early in the 2016 session. 2016 will also be an exciting time in the state as we get ready for our medical cannabis program to be rolled out. The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (http://mmcc.maryland.gov/) will license some 15 growers and over 100 dispensaries (2 per senatorial district) for the state of Maryland. Over the last  few years Maryland NORML has joined forces with organizations across our state & country as a member of the historic Marijuana Policy Coalition of Maryland.

Looking forward we have more obstacles to overcome before we can join the ranks of Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington state, and Washington DC in the land of legalization. But Maryland NORML - with the help citizens like yourself - looks forward to working to bring forth that change.

Be assured Maryland NORML is there to move this issue forward and make recreational use of cannabis by responsible adults legal.



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