Federal Bills

The following bills will support the reform of marijuana laws in the 114th Congress (2015-2016).


Bill Number Short Title
S.683 CARERS Act (Senator Barbara Mikulski cosponsored the bill on July 28, 2015)
S.1726 Marijuana Businesses Access to Banking Act

House of Representatives

Bill Number Short Title
H.R.1538 CARERS Act
H.R.1013 Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act
H.R.1014 Marijuana Tax Revenue Act
H.R.667 Veterans Equal Access Act
H.R.1940 Respect State Marijuana Laws Act
H.R.3124 Clean Slate for Marijuana Offenses Act
H.R.2076 Marijuana Businesses Access to Banking Act

How to Support

You can help these bills by calling, emailing or tweeting your congressman to voice your support. Find your US Senators and Representatives by entering your address at mdelect.net.