It’s like your first 420 all over again.

It’s like your first 420 all over again.

 Jeff Gutherz

This coming 420, Marylanders across the state will finally earn a well-deserved taste for what a proper marijuana holiday celebration feels like (in a "quasi" legal marketplace).

Now, yes...Maryland still doesn’t have recreational/adult use, nor do we have locations or regulations in place where we can enjoy the company of like-minded individuals and consume responsibly in public or private settings outside the home.

But, we still have SEVERAL REASONS to rejoice as Marylanders this year -

REASON 1 - Decriminalization for possession of marijuana has 
increased up to one ounce for adults.

REASON 2 - Arguably the most well-regulated medical marijuana industry in the 
country - employing hundreds of citizens and providing top quality 
medicine to thousands of patients across the state.

REASON 3 - An organically grown independent online community of cannabis 
enthusiasts and patient advocates that has already proven to have a 
loud voice when it comes to keeping the industry in check.

REASON 4.20 - We also still have Washington, D.C. just a hop, skip and a jump from many of us that live in the Free State. Their more liberal attitude towards possession and gifting makes it the perfect location for a 420 celebration this year... and what better place than the National Cannabis Festival on Saturday, 4/21 at RFK Stadium!

For the third year in a row, Maryland NORML will be there in full force! We will be there accepting donations, selling merchandise and educating and engaging with many of our local friends. We'd also love to meet folks stepping out of the canna-closet for the first time.

Because of the magnitude of this year being #1stMD420 we are encouraging the Maryland community of patients and responsible adults to meet by our table throughout the day. Get to know each other! Get to know us! We are a tight-knit bunch and Maryland NORML would be honored to serve as the neighborhood meeting grounds for Marylanders at the NCF!

And while you’re here (and donating), please consider becoming a member of Maryland NORML...and for this special 420 we ask that Maryland comes together with the rest of the country in support of H.R. 1227: The Ending Marijuana Prohibition Act. Click here and let’s end federal marijuana prohibition now ->.

We'll see you Saturday, April 21st at the National Cannabis Festival!

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