Let's Override the Governor's Veto on Decrim of Paraphernalia

 Judy Pentz
January 11, 2016 10:11 PM

The Maryland General Assembly is back in session and Maryland NORML needs you to help us  get things done!

A vote will be taken in the next day or two.  Now is the time to overturn Governor Hogan's veto on Senate Bill 517 which was passed by both the House of Delegates and the Senate to decriminalize the possession of paraphernalia.   For some reason he did not understand the bill and mistakenly believed it made it legal to smoke marijuana while driving your car. 

We DID have the votes to overturn the veto, however, some representatives are now changing their minds.  Overturning it may not happen.  Please write AND call your Delegate(s) and Senator.  Let them know you want them to vote "Yes" to overturn the veto and decriminalize possession of paraphernalia by going to THIS LINK.  


If we don't generate major public pressure, the veto will not be overridden.   Again, forward this email to all your friends/family and have them write and call too.  

Find out who represents you HERE and call them.  If you want change, We The People must act now!

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