Maryland Marijuana Reform Rally and Bill Hearing

Join Delegate Heather Mizeur (a sponsor of the current decriminalization and legalization legislation) and other marijuana reform supporters to rally to end marijuana prohibition in Maryland on March 13 at 11:00am on Lawyer's Mall by the State House in Annapolis.

After the rally the House Judiciary Committee will be holding a hearing for HB 879 (decriminalization) and HB 880 (legalization) at 1pm. Come to this event and the hearing and show your support for reforming Maryland's marijuana laws.


March 13, 2014 at 11am - 3pm


Brad Myers Lacey Anna Christopher Ryan Baltzli Monica Sexton Jonathan Neubert Matt Baldea Samuel Napkins Donnie Lokey Nick Doetsch Carolyn Tunney Allison Howard James Lanner Wylie Nicholas Dovell Chris Icarus Watt Nahual Lhorente Alana Carran Reggie Jeweler Ben Glidden Rocco Cipriano Danielle Trombetti Corey Docouto Katie O'Donnell Ryan Blank Conway Johnson Joe Dunn Megan Stephenson Candice Shepke Carleigh West Mary Katherine Leahy Constantine Sakelariou Joel Skullcat Mike Dez Robert Graves Sigler Brooke Elizabeth Ryzenga Sam Leatherebel Tubbs Ray Marcantoni Mark Pemberton Christian Bravo Kristina Rose Isgrig Ashleigh Starr Joseph Dex Moore Ehrin Darby Katie Pleasant James Bisland Anthony Patterson Courtney Mullins R.w. Cory Joe Kirchner

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