Maryland NORML - LIVE!

 Maryland Norml
November 05, 2017 8:48 PM

If you’re not following Maryland NORML’s page on Facebook you’re missing out on a constant source of exclusive information pertaining to medical and non-medical cannabis news on the federal, state and local level. On our FB page we cover burning marijuana issues, offer red-hot discussion and provide original commentaries and blazing media...and now, Maryland NORML introduces a new series of Facebook LIVE events that will let us engage with our members and the public far and wide on a more regular basis.

Legislative Analyst, Luke Jones will try and answer all questions that are posted during the Facebook LIVE videos while he brings up various topics and announcements to be discussed in real time.

Check out the inaugural Facebook LIVE video below and stay tuned to Maryland NORML’s Facebook page for our next event...

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