Save HB911

As we approach the last days of the legislative session the legalization bill, HB911 has yet to receive a vote. Before the session is over, take a moment to express yourself in support of democracy. Don’t allow the bill to be killed without at least sending an email to the Speaker of the House, Michael Busch demanding a vote.

Please email House Speaker Busch at to support the bill.

Either compose an original message or feel free to copy the text below, and paste it into an email.

Speaker Busch,

The Maryland General Assembly is responsible for representing Marylanders in their state government. The majority of people in Maryland want marijuana to be legalized. According to a recent Goucher College poll, "Fifty-two percent of Marylanders support making the use of marijuana legal".

The Marijuana Control and Revenue Act of 2015, HB911 legalizes marijuana for adults. The bill's sponsor Curt Anderson and four cosponsors sit on the House Judiciary Committee. Despite popular support for legalization by the people and the House committee, the bill has yet to receive a vote. The committee’s lack of action may indicate it is in the process of killing the bill. To ensure this is not the case, I implore you to intervene.

In the spirit of democracy, I demand a vote on this bill. Please use your authority as the Speaker of the House to influence the House Judiciary Committee chairman Joe Vallario to allow the delegates to vote on this bill supported by the majority of the state.

[Your Name]

It's important to contact Speaker Busch as soon as possible because the last day of the legislative session is April 13. See his web site, phone number and Twitter link below.

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(301) 858-3800


use the hashtag #SaveHB911

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