Tax & Regulate Legislation Plus Improvements to Decriminalization in 2015

Tax & Regulate Bill & Decriminalization Improvements Expected in 2015

 Judy Pentz
January 25, 2015 8:40 PM

Maryland is going to move forward again this year with tax & regulate legislation.  Members of the Marijuana Policy Coalition of Maryland have been working hard with legislators.  We will be holding a Lobby Night on February 2, 2015 so that the people of Maryland can appeal to their legislators to make Tax & Regulate/Legalization a reality.  We hope you will join us.   Bills should be introduced soon and Maryland NORML will provide full details as we get them.

Also, there will be corrections made to last year's decriminalization bill.  We hope that paraphernalia will be added to the decriminalization law and its expected that legislators will try to increase the amount of cannabis someone may have in their possession, higher than 10 grams.

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