VETO Overridden - Paraphernalia Decriminalized

VETO Overridden - Paraphernalia Decriminalized!

 Judy Pentz
January 21, 2016 5:39 PM

Governor Hogan's VETO of decriminalizing paraphernalia was overridden!  You guys did it!  You wrote to your delegates and senators to let them know you wanted the override and made it happen!

Members of the House decided 86 to 55 in favor of overriding the Governor’s veto of Senate Bill 517. Members of the Senate decided 29 to 17 to enact the legislation.  

Senate Bill 517 amends existing criminal penalties regarding the possession of marijuana-related paraphernalia from a misdemeanor, punishable by possible jail time, to a civil violation. However, amended language also includes a provision establishing a civil fine of up to $500 for offenses involving the use of marijuana in public. Maryland NORML and NORML (National) will be working in the future to amend this penalty.

We are going to be working hard to move forward with full legalization, however, with the current political climate in Annapolis we do not anticipate it making out of committee this year.   We need to really build a huge movement of the citizens of Maryland.  Please forward this email to all of your friends and have them SIGN UP to join us!  It WILL eventually happen with the people's pressure on Annapolis politicians.

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